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Rather than expressing attitudes of desire or hatred, the great wrathful and semi-wrathful deities, yidams and guardians of the tantric pantheon, display powerful skillful means to tame destructive forces and turn them to benefit. It is recognized that for some beings, stern methods are best suited to taming angry, gross, or disturbed minds, and are likened to the harsh scoldings of a parent with a child. The motivation is always intense compassion and the desire to eliminate suffering.

The ferocious appearance of the deity, such as three, glaring, baleful eyes symbolizing simultaneous omniscience of all times - past, present and future, and the symbolic gestures and implements held in the hands, all represent various strengths and attributes. Flesh, blood and bone are not to be taken literally, but to be recognized as symbolic of the afflictive emotions of stupidity, attachment/aversion, and aggression. The deitiy's true nature is that of perfect peace and serenity and his intent is that of enlightened activity to benefit beings.

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