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Padma Dakini

Vajra Dakini

The word dakini, or kha-dro-ma in Tibetan, defies direct translation, but usually is translated as "sky-walker" or "sky-dancer," referring to a female embodiment of enlightened wisdom energy. The dakini represents one of the basic principles of Tantric Buddhism - that of the incomprehensible feminine wisdom energy that realizes completely the empty nature of phenomena.

Just as the mandala of the five mystic buddhas and their consorts serves as a system of transforming the gross passions into qualities of enlightened mind, so does the mandala of the five dakini families. Dakinis may appear as peaceful goddesses, seductive young maidens, or terrifying old hags, as suits the needs of beings. The dakinis represent archetypes of the constant, dynamic flow of universal energies to be utilized by the tantric aspirant on the journey to enlightenment.

Recognizing the magical display of all phenomena as intrinsically empty, the dakini moves unimpeded through space accomplishing her enlightened activities. Enter the twilight realm of the sky-dancer ...

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