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One of the most widely venerated of all Tibetan deities, Tara is considered to be Mother of all the buddhas past, present, and future,and is said to have arisen from the compassionate tears of Chenrezig. The Noble Tara made the vow to always incarnate in female form to work for the benefit of all beings until all are liberated from samsara's grip. Known as the Swift Savioress, she further vowed to liberate beings from the Eight Great Fears that are the result of the mind's projection of negativitys that arise from our habitual experiences of attachment and aversion.

Tara manifests in myriad forms, assuming whatever appearance is needed to lead beings to full awakening. Usually visualized as sixteen years old, radiant, smiling and exceedingly beautiful, Tara is recognized as embodying all of the perfected qualities of a fully-enlightened being. She is adorned perfectly with all of the garments and jewels of the sambhoghakaya, or enjoyment-body realm, indicating her perfect enjoyment of pure perception with non-attachment.

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Catalog of Limited Edition Artist's Prints - 2009

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