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Catalog of Limited Edition Artist's Prints - 2009

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About the Prints
The Giclee Printing Process
A revolutionary printing process known as giclee (gee-clay’) is enhancing the quality of fine art museum reproductions around the world. Museums now offer to the public “true to the original” prints from the great masters of art.
    Prestigious museums such as the Guggenheim, the New York Metropolitan Museum, the National Museum of Mexico, the High Museum in Atlanta, the Corcoran in Washington DC, to mention a few, are embracing the use of giclee printing from original art.
    For the printing process, artists must first transfer their original art to digital files. The artist is now able to compare the digital files to their original work and make any necessary changes. All elements of color, light, contrast, etc. are chosen to precisely reflect the original. When the artist is satisfied with the digital file, a giclee print proof is produced on a giclee printer.
    In the revolutionary process of giclee printing, an extremely fine mist of ink (exceeding four million droplets per second, each fragment of ink the size of a human blood cell) is sprayed upon canvas or archival paper.
    For printing, great care is taken to hand mount each piece of canvas or paper onto a drum, which rotates during the inking process. Four nozzles on the machine are accurately calculated to produce inks in the correct hues, values, and densities for the print.
    As the drum spins the nozzles produce a combination of over three million colors. Giclee prints have a higher resolution than lithographs and their color range exceeds that of serigraphs. The results are museum and gallery quality prints. Padma works with a specialized giclee print company called Skylark Images, who are at the leading edge of this technology.

Your Guarantee

    Each reproduction is numbered and signed by the artist and includes an explanation of the qualities and symbols of the being(s) shown in the work. Ready for matting and framing, these high-quality giclee process limited edition fine art prints are guaranteed.
    If you are dissatisfied in any way when you receive the art work, and return it to us within fourteen days of delivery, we will give you full credit or cash refund, less the cost of shipping and handling.

What is a first proof?

    The first proof is the first reproduction made from the digitally enhanced computer file. With the first proof in hand the artist is able to accurately compare the print proof to the original painting. After looking at the proof, the digital file may again be altered to more accurately reflect the original. When the print meets the artist’s vision, it is personally signed by Padma.
    Giclee prints blend fine art and state-of-the-art technology. The two combine to create a reproduction that has all the continuous tone characteristics and color saturation of the original work of art. Giclees can also be printed on a variety of substrates, including canvas, high-quality archival watercolor papers and other materials.

What is a Limited Edition?

    Giclees are considered as having collector’s value due to the low print numbers of the limited edition, the quality control standards and the direct, hands-on involvement of the artist with the entire process. All the work offered by Padma is restricted to numbered limited edition prints of 100, or less. Artists who have never been satisfied with their work in reproductive form are achieving remarkable success with the giclee process.

What are embellished reproductions? 

A few giclees are hand embellished. Padma, takes the final giclee print and works on the image using shimmering paints and other materials. These embellished giclees are considered unique works of art since no two are the same and consequently carry a higher value.

How long will a Giclee reproduction last? 

    Unlike serigraphs and lithograph prints (both of which have never undergone extensive testing) independent third party testers have established a period of up to 36 years before the giclee reproductions show any noticeable fade. However, the testing was not done on giclees which have an added coat of UV protection, plexi-glass, or glass covering and protects the print thereby giving longer life. To assure a high standard of durability, all of Padma’s prints are covered with a UV inhibiting laminate, and are printed with fade-resistant inks known as Equipoise.

How do I display my giclee canvasses? 

    It is important to remember that when color is exposed to light it will, in time, fade. Some original watercolor paintings will fade faster than a quality giclee print. We recommend that you treat your giclee print just as you would treat a fine watercolor painting. Avoid placing your print in direct sunlight or beneath full spectrum light, such as the type used for growing plants.
    We cover the entire surface of our giclee prints in a luster finish laminate (matte finish to avoid glare) with UV inhibitors. As a result, you can see the art as Padma’s vision intended.

How do I select the size of my giclee reproduction?

    The largest sizes are very powerful in their impact and may best be displayed in larger areas. All sizes should be hung in well lit places but out of direct sunlight.

To order, or for more information about original works,

commissioned pieces, or custom-sized prints,

call 707-942-4896 or email

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