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As a western female student of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and eastern tantric symbolism for many years, the artist, padma, Phyllis Glanville, brings a unique expression to an age-old tradition of sacred art.

While studying design at UCLA, Padma was drawn to various mystical traditions, especially the Eastern philosophies. She developed an interest in sacred art, sacred geometry and architecture, feng shui and the healing effects of sound and color.

    Upon encountering the tantric teachings of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and Dzogchen, she felt that she had come home, and soon  became a student of a Nyingma lama from old Tibet. It was he who gave her the name of Padma, which means Lotus.

    During her spiritual journey, she has spent long-term residences at Buddhist retreat centers in
Northern California, spending many hours studying and working with various teachers. Padma
was involved in the design and building of the temple at Rigdzin Ling in the Trinity Alps. She organized and took part in retreats, learning ritual ceremonies, visualizations, mantras and mudras.

    Padma also sewed traditional lama dance costumes from rare silk brocades, some with real golden thread running through. The vivid colors of Tibetan life had a profound effect on her. During this period she met lamas and thangka artists from all over the world and absorbed as much traditional wisdom as she could.

The current phase of her Dharma art began in 1990 while living in majestic Mt. Shasta. California. It was there that she was first inspired to draw tantric deities. Of this work she says:

    “The art in the Tibetan tradition is highly structured, highly mathematical, precise and controlled. It is very specific for each deity. It provides a grid work, which I can lay over my own personality. It eliminates decisions about what to draw. It becomes a practice grounded in what has gone before. Following the discipline is what allows me to tap into the energy, I want to honor the tradition, never knowingly or ignorantly distorting an image. In this sense, I don’t do the drawing, the drawing does me.

    My work is born of the desire to explore and creatively express the deep and powerful connection between sacred art and the human psyche. I wish to share the experience of the Tibetan deities as living, radiant beings of light. Truly alive, yet transparent, radiant and empty of concrete self-existence. I believe that these timeless archetypal images have a potential to teach and ultimately bring benefit as modern-day
illustrations of tantric symbolism.”

    Padma currently lives in Northern California and makers her living as a designer doing graphic and interior design. Her artistic intention is concentrated upon the creation of new paintings and various other creative projects.

The October Gallery, London, England

Maha Deva Gallery, San Anselmo, California

California Institute of Integral Arts, San Francisco

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